Lola Silver Tag Collection

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Lola Bear - £69.99 rrp - 52cm

(Limited to 1,500pcs worldwide)


Sweet Lola is made of a pure white Soft-Luxe material. Her ears are shaved and her white pads are velvety soft with defined cerise pink toes and fingers.

Lola’s eyes are accentuated with white material underneath, she has a shaved muzzle and a two tone stripy pink nose.

Lola is fully jointed and heavily weighted with beans. She wears a diamanté centred, lilac layered tulle and floral voile corsage next to her left ear.

An 8 sided hang tag is attached to her left ear and a unique individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity in a protective sleeve adorns her neck.

Lola can be recognised as a member of the Silver Tag® Bear family by the exclusive silver fabric ‘S’ tag stitched to her left foot pad.

She can be transported home in her very own stylish cardboard carry box… complete with air holes of course.

Please note that Silver Tag® Bears are collector’s items suitable for 14 years of age and above.