Steiff 1948 Replica Teddy Bear

Steiff 1948 Replica Teddy Bear

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Blonde alpacajointed teddy bear 29cm

Limited Edition of 1000 pieces worldwide

After the end of World War II, shortages forced Steiff designers to find alternative materials as the company attempted to resume normal production. As traditional mohair was unavailable, other types of fibre and fabrics were used in production. From this remarkable period of history comes our Teddy bear replica 1948. Instead of mohair, the plush is made from blond alpaca, which most closely approximates the look and feel of the wool plush used at the time. Because wool felt was also scarce during this period, the Teddy bear's paw pads are sewn from a stable cotton fabric. Like the original, our replica has glass eyes, is softly stuffed with excelsior, and has a squeaker. The nose is hand-stitched. Airbrushed coloured accents help to bring about an aged look. A period-style "underscored button" completes this exceptional vintage design.


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